Tesla starts adding features to new Autopilot cars in order to match the older version

by Fred Lambert

Tesla promises that its new Autopilot hardware will enable all of its new vehicles to eventually reach level 5 autonomous driving capability, but in the meantime, they are lacking several features that have long been available in its cars equipped with the first generation Autopilot. Over the weekend, Tesla started pushing a new update to start adding those features, but new owners will have to wait a little longer for features most associated with Autopilot, like Autosteer or Traffic-aware cruise control.

Those are expected to arrive by the end of the month with version 8.1 of Tesla’s software, which should also come with several user interface improvements and an updated mobile app that will also be helpful to owners without the new Autopilot hardware.

As for the update pushed over-the-air this weekend, it added features such as Auto-dimming headlights and touchscreen, which are not really associated with Tesla’s Autopilot, but they rely on the same sensor suite to detect their environment and dim appropriately. Therefore, the feature needed to be adapted to the new sensor architecture.

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